I think I might just move in at Whole Foods. I don’t usually go into public places and make friends with strangers while shopping. However, this happens frequently at WF. Today, I went right after yoga to get the ingredients for these amazing avocado/hatch chili enchiladas (yummm). I was wearing my yoga clothes and no makeup and my hair was all hippy-ish. I wouldn’t be caught dead like that in many places, but the gym and WFs are totally game. There was this other chick there who could have been my sister- also sporting her yoga gear, minimal makeup, and hippy hair. We met at the kombucha refrigerator. She asked me if I knew that you could brew your own kombucha- I resolved to do this 2 days ago -and we had the lovliest chat about kombucha brewing and wished each other luck in our endeavors. Ha! I love kindred spirits. I am such a dork and I love it! 

My body was exhausted today and, gratefully, I didn’t have to work so I was able to recover with a lot of rest. Yoga was absolutely amazing and I felt improvement in my symptoms the moment class ended. So, so great. I have been working on focusing my intention on Jesus during my practice. This is REALLY hard for me because I like to compete with everybody in class. So un-yogic. But, that’s where His grace comes in and I get to enjoy this amazing hour of feeling my body using its strength and for a little bit, the weakness seems to melt away. 

Then, I came home and Husband was doing the dishes. 

Servant-Hearted Husband, Friendly Kombucha Girl, feeling my body become stronger and my heart refocus at yoga class, home-made enchiladas that were the bomb, and my first ever home-made chicken bone stock simmering on the stove. I like today.

If you’re reading this, you should leave me a comment. My blog is lonely. 

:] -Katie 



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