School starts up on Monday and I am overwhelmed. I am remembering how painful my body can be during those long days and wishing I could just stay home. That’s the truth of how I feel. 

God’s truth, however, is that he is merciful and faithful and answers prayers. Pray that I will have amazing strength this year and that I will have a good attitude through the hard stuff. Joni Eareckson Tada is one of my heroes and she said once that when Jesus says to take up your cross he is not actually referring to the disability itself but to the attitude you choose to have about that disability. Whoa. I want to smile the joy of Jesus. 

Soon, I’ll have to write about the awesome demonstration of God’s faithfulness that totally happened to me this week. But now, to bed! 


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  1. Cannot wait to see your next blog about God’s awesomeness!! I will be praying for strength, wellness and patience for you this year. may God bless you with wonderful students. I am really enjoying your blog.

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