Breath of Life

Teacher training is insane. Even though we only physically meet one weekend per month, we have so much work to do outside of class. One reason why I am reacting like this (stress.) is because I am me. Ha. But seriously, I LOVE having something to learn. However, I am trying to keep up with all my teaching, doctor appointments, homework, and housework. Um, I haven’t had a clean kitchen in a week and a half and let’s not discuss vacuuming the carpet. Gross. 

I am seriously positive that being gluten free has changed my health. Traditional Chinese Medicine is unbelievable and my doctor is so kind. I had a BAD fibro flare today (and yesterday) and I just texted him for advice which he readily gave. I’ve never ever worked with a doctor so willing to help me without charging extra money. His heart is for his patients and I think that is so inspiring.

Quickly going to highlight some yoga stuff:

1. I am definitely experiencing pain relief and emotional strength from regular practice.

2. The religions that practice yoga traditionally are based in self-idolatry and are ABSOLUTELY works-based ladder systems where each step leads to another and you keep climbing higher and higher, out of breath, and out of luck because you are on the wrong ladder and it never ends. I’m facing the struggle, though, of being super attracted to the idea of a “measurement system” where I can earn my own justification… So pray for me as I continue to study, that the grace of Jesus would be revealed in an amazingly clear way and that my heart would be changed.

3. The ONLY way to practice yoga without practicing self-worship or works-based-salvation is to make every breath and every posture an act of actual, physical worship. Yoga for the Christian must be worship of Christ or it becomes worship of self so fast you don’t even recognize it. Be careful, Christian yogi friends. Don’t be led astray by this. I’m facing the struggle and praying for deliverance and protection. I feel called to this job and this practice, but only so that I go deeper into the heart of Jesus Christ. The Enemy is a prowling lion and he has used yoga to convince so many thousands of people of their self-sufficiency… Ugh. 

4. I believe, help my unbelief. 

5. I am not trusting Jesus for healing and am trusting in myself instead. I am asking the Lord to lead me gently into a place of trust in Him. My mantra: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him and he will make your paths straight.” Jesus, make this yoga path straight! I believe your calling and I believe your healing. Help my unbelief! 

5. Make every breath worship. Yoga teaches breath. Breathe in, breathe out. Spirit, body, mind connected for meditation. God breathed His breath of life into some dirt and that’s what made the dirt into a man. So, breathe. Deeply and fully of the breath of God’s life which is your life. Every breath is worship.

I think that is what grace really is. I don’t have to do ANYTHING except breathe. And God looks down at this woman he MADE with his own hands. He created her (me) and he gave her his breath and he watches her breathe and he smiles. “Look at that amazing thing I made! My breath has made her breathe and she’s alive and I made her!” 

Freedom. I smile as I picture God being pleased simply with the breaths I take because he gave them to me from Himself. 



One thought on “Breath of Life

  1. Katie, I am praying that God will keep you focused on Him as you study. I love the scripture in Proverbs that you quoted. One thing in that verse that always hits me is, “in all your ways”, not just most of my ways but ALL. To me that also goes along with whatever you do do it as unto The Lord. Stay focused on our Savior and you will be strong for Jesus. Love you!

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