THIS is why I <3 teaching the little ones.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, which, by the way, has become a stupid reminder of our stupid consumerist society (to me, anyway), I want to show you why I love teaching Primary Music. Most of my job is really stressful. Balancing insane schedules, hormonal preteens and teens, crazy parents, egos, blah blah blah. I love Primary Music. Love it. Little kids are so wonderful because they are so genuine. They love Valentine’s Day because they love. Not because they love stuff but simply because they love. Life, each other, and apparently they love me. I am sometimes short tempered with them. Often my lesson planning has been rushed and I haven’t thought enough about what to teach them in the 7 days minus and hour since I’ve seen them. They honestly don’t care. They just love class. And I guess they love me, too. And oh my word I love them.

Yesterday, I sat on the floor to read them a book about Haydn’s Farewell Symphony. They huddled around me and -though my pain level is EXTREME- right now, I got out of my own head for a minute and gave my heart a second to look around. There were 7-8 year olds around me, standing over me, huddled as close as they good get to me, each other, and the book. Oh my heart. I could live in that place. I love them. Want to see my favorite present I’ve gotten all year? 






I love her too! 


One thought on “THIS is why I <3 teaching the little ones.

  1. That love is the best ever reason for being a teacher. Hang on to that and remember each student at one time was that child and they still need nurturing even though they think they are to grown up for it. Love you! Happy day everyday.

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