So last week I was preparing for another weekend of teacher training and was really struggling with some nasty jaw pain. I went to the gym with Ty so he could work out and I could rest in the sauna and try to get my pain level to chill. There was this crazy chick in the sauna playing loud Latin music and dancing by herself. It was awesome and I totally loved seeing her incredible courage to just be fully herself. All I could think was how much I wanted to be like this stranger- I want to be free to just dance wherever I am if the desire strikes me. At the end of my home yoga practice today, I danced on my mat. All alone, no one watching. Believe it or not that is still a thing for me! Just to dance. Alone. Be weird. And totally free. So, right now I am at a show for Ty’s band and -yet again- these brave ladies who just get up and dance because they want to. These are some of my role models. These ladies know how to be free! With Jesus, how much more free should I be??


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