I’m Katie. I go by Kate now because I married an awesome guy with a weird last name that kind of rhymes with Katie… Whaley. Katie Whaley. Nope. Kate Whaley is much better. It’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make for the best guy in the world. When we meet someone new, they inevitably ask for my name at which point much confusion ensues as I answer “Kate” and Husband answers “Katie” and the new friend says “What?” Introductions are hard.

I’m a musician and a yoga enthusiast as well as an organic-loving, tree-hugging (ish), tastefully-tattooed, hippy (ish) Texan girl. I teach a lot of kids music as a clarinet instructor, pre-k music teacher, and band director. I really, really, really want to teach yoga and music and combine them in a magical soup of flexy-bendy-Brahms-butt-kicking-awesomeness.

I also love, love, love nutrition. Something about preparing and eating food that actually strengthens my body for the long term is so exciting to me. I’d rather spend my Saturday afternoon at Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s than the mall any day of the week. Wait. That made no sense. I like healthy food the end.

My biggest life struggle is an ongoing battle with some sort of auto-immune something or another that causes chronic pain. This no-real-name illness has changed my life considerably, but I believe it has played an irreplaceable part in my edification and sanctification as a Believer in Christ. This brings me to the title of my blog: herheartspeakstruth.

I really care about speaking truth to myself and those around me. I’ve had a lot of lies spoken into my life in the past and those have manifested themselves in a lot of insecurities I am trying to overcome. I believe that Truth is powerful enough to bring healing and life to anyone who will listen and believe. Jesus says that He Himself is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. I am learning to walk in this daily and my deepest desire is to show others the incredible freedom of Truth by living smack in the middle of it.




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