I am a firm believer in spiritual battle. I have felt the physical and emotional effects of this ongoing warfare a lot in my life and I think it is really important to acknowledge this other realm that really does exist and impact our lives whether we see it or not. Some of my dearest friends have very clear spiritual vision. They are so brave! I am thankful that so far, I have not been called by the Lord to actually see anything in the spiritual realm, but thankful too that I have been given the opportunity to feel it. It is deep and powerful and full of God. 

The deepest passion of my heart- aside from serving the Lord in loving my husband and making a home for us and our future children -is to minister to artists. I know that God has placed a calling on my life that is completely real. I believe that art is powerful. I believe that it shapes the culture and history of nations, that it feeds the emotionally and spiritually hungry, and is a tool used by the Lord to strengthen his heroes and to bind up wounds. Contrary to what I have been taught in secular arts environments, art should not be the final end and aim of an artist’s life. This creates a void that cannot do anything but suck energy, happiness, and strength from a life. I watch this daily. Combine an artistic spirit with a perfectionist will and leave grace completely out of the picture and you get, well, most artists. It is a lifestyle full of empty purpose. 

I say “empty purpose” for a specific reason. An artist’s life does not feel “purposeless” ever, I don’t think, because as long as there is something to be created, there is a reason to get up every morning. This “purpose” becomes empty when we start playing around with the dreadfully dangerous idea of “art for art’s sake.” Go to art school for any period of time and you will find that this is a phrase thrown around a lot for philosophical purposes. We all try to answer the deep questions of, “Why am I so driven by this passion to create? So driven that I deny myself basic needs like food and sleep just to keep practicing? What is it in me that makes it completely impossible to stop?” Artists are so deeply passionate. But rather than admit that there must be a God who has placed an anointed purpose on their lives, they choose to claim that Art is the Supreme Ruler and that the Legacy they leave behind will determine the success of their lives. Empty. Empty. Empty. Because we are all going to die. So you better work hard and not sleep in order to exert what tiny bit of control you have over what people will think of you after you die. Woah. So there is a purpose to get up every morning, but it is a really scary, depressing one. 

Here’s the scariest part: If Satan can keep someone so wrapped up in this “purpose” that this person doesn’t even have time to stop and eat, Satan can also thoroughly distract them so that they cannot hear the saving voice of God speaking truth into the heart that says, “You were made in my Image as a creator and your creation is for ME!” Art for Art’s sake is a strategic ploy to distract the artists whom God would use for great purposes in this cultural battle. Really, it’s quite a brilliant idea. 

This is why I am so, so, so thankful that God used a variety of circumstances to scoop me out of that mess of crazy. My husband, my friends, my parents, my teachers, all have been used by God to confirm His will for me in teaching my precious students and fibromyalgia sealed the deal. I’m not just teaching them music. I know that I am under God’s command to train these young women and men for battle. When I see their eyes open to the realm that is waging war around us, my own calling is confirmed yet again. 

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